As the old saying goes, a picture says a thousand words. However, professional photography is about more than just storytelling.

SAM Production is a Brisbane photography and videography business, that creates high-impact visual media suitable for a wide variety of PR purposes.

Predominantly serving local Brisbane businesses, we create head-turning images and videos for brands, for use in everything from local ad campaigns to new international product launches.

With passion, dedication, and lots of coffee, we create pixels with a purpose that bring brands to life and help them better engage with their target audiences. Don’t just take our word for this, though. Check out our  5-star reviews on places like Facebook and Google.

Our Latest Work

We have been working in the world of photography, videography, advertising and branding services for 10 years now.

Every project has posed a unique challenge and we aimed to deliver a unique solution. 

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We capture breathtaking landscapes that shows depth and movement among different elements that highlight nature, places, and any objects. We make it our job to show beauty in everything.

We capture every smile, reaction and activities of people. Our output is very fascinating that it brings out the beauty in anyone,

We capture every moment



  • Photography & Videography

  • Branding Services

  • Video and Photo Editing

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Photography & Videography

  • Branding Services

  • Video and Photo Editing

  • Social Media Marketing


We work with highly qualified Photographers who are willing to give their best for every occassion

Clients & Testimonials

I bought 2 personalised USB’s from Sam Production. I’m going to store photos and videos of my grandchildren and give it to them when they turn 16. The USB came in a wooden engraved box with their names and date of birth on it. They are really lovely and something special that they can keep and treasure forever.
Thanks so much Sam, Im so happy with the quality. if you buy one of these, you definitely won’t be disappointed.
I am already planning my next order.
Thanks again

Maxine Irvine Thrippleton

SAM PRODUCTION he is very elegant to handle customers
For me he’s a best 🙂

Bassam Moshi

Thank you so very much for our superb engagement shoot photos! Sam did an amazing job and comments from our friends and family reiterated how fantastic the photos turned out … Highly recommend and looking forward to the wedding photos to come next month

Amber Moor

Sam and his team were great! They made us feel very comfortable and the videos are amazing. We couldn’t be happier! They have captured all of the key moments of our wedding day which we can now cherish forever. Sam was very easy to talk to and great at communicating leading up to the wedding. Thank you!

Kirsten Crooke

We have such a professional relationship with SAM productions and we appreciate his personal touch to all 4 of our companies. We highly recommend Sam and thank him for his efforts.

Todd McArthur

McArthurs Industries

More About Us

Who we are

SAM Production is an independent Brisbane photography and videography studio.

We help capture life’s most priceless moments, by being the go-to studio in Brisbane for wedding photography, event videography, and everything in-between. However, we don’t just capture life as it happens.

Every picture tells a story. At SAM Production, we help you tell your story more creatively. We do this by pairing our passion for photography and videography, with a range of business-orientated digital marketing services.

Whether you are looking for beautiful wedding videography or a standout website for your Brisbane business, we can help.

Why choose us

At SAM Production, we are the only professional photography and videography studio in Brisbane, that goes beyond standalone media creation.

From headshot and portrait photography to the creation of high-impact video ads, we are your one-stop-shop for a variety of creative media services.

If you’ve previously hired the wrong event or wedding videographer, our video editing team can help you put things right. Alternatively, if you are a new Brisbane start-up, you can call on us to take care of everything from product photography to business card creation.

Get started now by firing us an email!

Our experience

MUSIC & AUDIO - 3 years

In partnership with AON insurance, we ensure you that in the unwanted event of damage and injury, our company will be able to cover damage fees and still produce the output needed for the project.

  1. Equipment Loss

In any case that our equipment was stolen or misplaced on the job, it will not be your responsibility to replace our equipment as AON insurance will take care of it.

  1. Accident Insurance

Photoshoot sets may become hazardous settings with equipment and wiring lying around. In the event of an accident, all treatment and damage expenses will be covered with AON insurance.

  1. Office and Studio Coverage

Be rest assured that having your photoshoot at our office or studio is less of a concern when you know that our equipment is AON insured in case of natural disasters.

As members of Canon Professional Services (CPS), we are provided exceptional support as imaging professionals with quality service and express delivery from Canon.

  1. Priority Tech Support

We have direct phone contact and email assistance from Canon. They will provide priority technical support and membership assistance over non-CPS members.

  1. Fast Repairs

We are ensured to have fast product and service repairs that will be delivered in high-quality professionalism in as little as 2 days. We always have equipment ready at its best condition.

  1. Exclusive Access

We always have the opportunity to grow bigger and refine professionally. With access to exclusive Canon events, workshops, and special offers, we are always up-to-date with the latest photography methods and technology.

Being an accredited professional photographer, we have love and passion for our craft while practicing ethical and professional business operations to give clients the best experience ever.

In addition, being an accredited professional studio under AIPP ensures you that:

  • Having at least 2 years of experience as a requirement to join AIPP, we are qualified with 12 years of experience. We are proven to be efficient and ready for any type of situations
  • SAM production have photographers who have completed photography programs under AIPP CPD
  • SAM production have highly skilled photographers equipped with modern photography equipment.

Having said that, Hiring us will guarantee you having recognized professional photographers and videographers handling your photos & video needs instead of non Accredited studio who could likely give you a bad experience.

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) assists our company whenever we need to undergo business transactions and processes such as:

  • Registering SAM Production
  • Renew the registration of SAM Production
  • Deal with misunderstandings with a financial product or service provider.
  • Verifies our business information to our clients