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Social Media Marketing

You know how stay connected with friends on Facebook — but do you also know how to market your Brisbane business?

Social media marketing isn’t ever just about being present on social media. Worldwide, social media platforms increasingly represent the first point of contact between brands and consumers. As a result, you need to be easily discoverable, and make a fantastic first impression on your target market.

Expand Your Sphere of Influence

At S.A.M Production, we create unique brand experiences that consumers can engage with through social media. In every case, we work with your Brisbane business to create bespoke social media marketing strategies that focus on growth hacking, high-quality content creation, and influencer marketing. Our goal is to help you leverage social networks in a way that builds better brand awareness, and helps you start building relationships with more potential clients through social media.

How Does Social Media Marketing Work?

At S.A.M Production, our social media marketing and SEO services start with a period of in-depth client discovery. During this period, we get to know as much as possible about your industry, your target market, and what makes you unique.

Through discovery, we can identify what social media marketing channels you should use to engage with your audience. Our team then gets to work populating each with high-authority content and media.

In every case, the exact strategy we use will be unique to your Brisbane business. However, to help you engage with your audience, we can create everything from attention-grabbing video ads to high-ROI influencer marketing campaigns.

Social Media Marketing Has Never Been Easier

S.A.M Production is your one-stop-shop in Brisbane for affordable, hyper-local social media marketing that gets results. Find out how our full-service can help you make an impact online, by speaking to our team today.

Sample Case Study

McArthur Industries, a large four-company group, trusts us with their digital marketing. Increasing and converting leads. Making you relevant and on top of your industry. Engaging with customers and always delivering your high-quality value. SAM Production's clientele trusts us with producing engaging and quality Internet market traffic. We deliver increasing customer engagement and conversion with our social media marketing. We make sure your business reaches the top.

SAM Production Digital Marketing Case

Upon collaborating with McArthur Industries, SAM Production developed a professional marketing strategy. We increased customer engagement, website, and social media visibility for the company.

About McArthur Industries

McArthur Industries is a professional automotive and caravan service group of companies. They have served Brisbane for almost 50 years until today, now covering all Australia. Along with AllBrand Caravans and Arrow Caravans, they are caravan service experts. They perform caravan mods and upgrades, and repairs. Together with Sandgate Auto Electrics and Air Conditioning, they professionally service automotives. With Storm Custom Worx under their banner, they provide custom metal works for industry and aircraft material. As one company, they provide expert service for automotives, caravans, and boats. They also do solar power installation and sanitation solutions. They are expert mechanics that provide high-quality and skilled service for all their clients.

Taking the website to the top Google search results x% of SEO keywords and phrases contribute to the business being on top of the search list
Maintain website top position in Google search results pageSecured the top position for their service and increased customer engagement to their website
Produce an increase in Internet market trafficWebsite Internet traffic increased by x%
Increase customer engagementCustomers engage with the business at x%
Produce greater revenueWith us, the company’s revenue increased by x%
Gather and retain more clientsThe number of clients increased by x%
Level up branding and marketingThe company brand has reached local social media and Internet communities. Producing more brand recognition and increasing leads.
  1. Website Analysis

Analysing the site, SAM Production optimizes the domain’s positioning on the Internet. Performing collaborations and taking insights from Google, we enabled the site to grow. Quality and organic Internet activity determined the website’s growth.

 2. Keyword Selection

Only the right and exact SEO keywords and phrases produce significant SEO results. We expertly chose and produced the keywords that would make the company’s SEO goals a success.  

We performed market research to set the business apart from other competitors. Our SEO campaign strategy makes businesses unique and exceptional. We understood which competitors are fighting for the top automotive and caravan services search results.

All selected SEO keywords and phrases underwent analysis for efficiency and effectiveness. With both simple SEO keywords and long-tail keywords, we produced a highly-engaging campaign. We gathered clients who are looking for general and specific services.

We take the company high up for brand recognition and engagement. Making it top of the Australian digital market for automotive and caravan services.

3. Website Search Engine Optimisation

  • Optimise SEO Content
  • Optimise Headings and Trends
  • Optimise Internal Links
  • Create Friendly Links & URLs
  • Create More and More Content
  • Create An Optimised Sitemap
  • Optimise with Google Analytics
  • Setup Webmaster Tools
  • Remove Repetitive Content
  • Take the Lead in the Search Results

Benefits of Website Optimisation

  • Improve Lead Generation
  • Increase Rate of Lead-Conversion
  • Index Better in Google
  • Gain Better Internet Visibility
  • Influence Brand Recognition
  • Connect Better with Loyal Clients

4. Incoming Link Creation

Consequently after site optimisation, the website is published on the Internet and worked on for link-building. Creating backlinks on high traffic websites and increasing the speed and quantity of lead conversion. After x months, McArthur Industries ranked higher than before.

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