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Did you know that over 49% of people have bought a product after reading a recommendation on a social media site? Yet, building a social media presence is perhaps the last thing on the minds of most business owners. In fact, only 25% of businesses are on Facebook. The number is ever lower on other social media platforms!

Millions of people around the world use social media platforms to talk about their experiences, to share their opinions, to post pictures or simply to know what their friends are up to. So when the world is there, why should you miss this opportunity to connect directly with your target audience? That would be quite foolish, right?

If you are not convinced already, we have more reasons that will make you want to make the big switch as soon as possible!

Trust in traditional forms of advertising is diminishing

The age of the internet ushered in a revolution in how brands interacted with their customers. Now, brands don’t just have to inform customers about their products. They actually have to engage in a conversation with their target audience. They no longer lead discussions, but they also can’t afford to not participate!

At present, people are no longer interested in overly promotional messages and more importantly, they have a voice and a platform to voice their concerns. Social media platforms offer these brands the opportunity to ditch the TV screen and position themselves where the target audience is. So, make sure that you hire a digital marketing agency if you want to get on their good books!

People are talking about your brand on social media!

Your target audience is already reviewing your products, sharing their experiences, and connecting with other customers regardless of whether you’re on social media or not. In fact, your absence will harm your business and the chances are high that you will be perceived as a brand that does not care for its customers’ feedback.

So yes, being on social media platforms is so very crucial to your success! Not only will it help to build better relationships with your customers, but it will also attract more prospects to connect with you. This means more business for you!

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