Our wooden USB boxes is perfect for creating a photography package with a rustic feel. This product is handmade in a choice of two colours and four different sizes with the option to include space for prints.

Personalized Pendrive Wood Engravings

Wooden USB drives for photographers have been popular for some time. A personalized Pendrive wood box set is also a fantastic way to store special photos and videos after special events like weddings.

box sizes

Select one of our offered box size as per your choice.

USB Sizes

Select your desired usb capacity as per your choice.

Product options

Available in light maple wood or a darker walnut wood.

Quick ordering

We deliver on time with advance customer support.

Local Pickup

We also offer local pickup through our office at Turbot St. Brisbane

Personalized Pendrive Wood Presentation Boxes

Wooden USB sticks represent beautiful, eco-friendly, often touching ways to store special family photo and video albums.

In the digital era, most of us never spare a second thought to storing irreplaceable photographs and videos online. However, what happens if a social media platform you use goes down, or you lose access to your account?

At S.A.M Production, we have the perfect solution. Simply backup precious memories on a distinctive wooden USB drive, complete with its own beautifully personalized presentation box

Wooden USB Boxes Make Touching Gifts

Choose from a wide variety of Pendrive wood box styles and engraving options. At S.A.M Production, we spare at no expense when it comes to creating beautiful Pendrive wood boxes suitable for all kinds of occasions. After choosing your wooden box size and material, we invite you to add personal messages, logo designs, and even full images to box surfaces. In doing so, our Pendrive wood boxes can be made into everything from one-of-a-kind gifts to unique wedding favors.

Wooden USB Boxes Make Beautiful Keepsakes

We’ve all done it. You need a USB stick, you pick up the wrong one, and before you know it, you have accidentally deleted something irreplaceable.

At S.A.M Production, we make sure that this never happens. In the past, people used to store precious memories in decorative photo albums. Now, we allow you to do the same, just with beautiful wooden USB sticks and presentation boxes.

Choose from several different beautifully handmade USB box variations. Either house just an irreplaceable USB in one of our boxes, or choose a box that can also accommodate your choice of 6×4 or 7×5 printed photographs.

Store Your Precious Memories Safely

There is nothing worse than overwriting or having a USB stick containing important files deteriorate over time. Even though they are stored digitally, photos still have sentimental value.

To help you keep precious memories safe, all our USB sticks come equipped with a magnetic lid. This helps keep photos stored on devices secure, by preventing internal components from rusting or corroding.

All of our wooden USB sticks also come with embedded USB 3.0 software. This enables lightning-fast read and write times. More importantly, you can store as much or as little on your Wooden USB stick as you need to.

At present, all our ready to engrave USB sticks come with 8GB, 16 GB, 32 GB, or 64GB of long-lasting flash storage. When shopping with us, you can also choose to purchase USB sticks and wooden presentation boxes separately if you so wish.

How Engraving Works

To engrave our handmade boxes, we use state-of-the-art laser etching. This allows us to print any design you provide us with onto your box surface. Even better, as well as engraving presentation boxes, we can also engrave USB sticks themselves.

Because laser etching burns engravings into USB sticks and boxes, all our finished boxes have a fantastic rustic feel. Best of all, the precision of our engravings is unmatched. As a result, we can add everything from romantic calligraphy to complex corporate logos to your new USB gift set.


Why Use a Wooden USB Box?

At S.A.M Production, people who love our personalized USB sticks and Pendrive wood boxes, are typically people celebrating special occasions. However, we also serve hundreds of business customers each year, who use wooden USB drives and boxes engraved with their logo, as unique corporate gifts.


Give someone you love a unique gift. Alternatively, order a personalized USB and box set today to use as a beautiful digital photo album. Our prices start at $39.99 (but we do offer discounts on bulk orders) and we offer free shipping all across Australia.

Clients & Testimonials

I bought 2 personalised USB’s from Sam Production. I’m going to store photos and videos of my grandchildren and give it to them when they turn 16. The USB came in a wooden engraved box with their names and date of birth on it. They are really lovely and something special that they can keep and treasure forever.
Thanks so much Sam, Im so happy with the quality. if you buy one of these, you definitely won’t be disappointed.
I am already planning my next order.
Thanks again

Maxine Irvine Thrippleton

SAM PRODUCTION he is very elegant to handle customers
For me he’s a best 🙂

Bassam Moshi

Thank you so very much for our superb engagement shoot photos! Sam did an amazing job and comments from our friends and family reiterated how fantastic the photos turned out … Highly recommend and looking forward to the wedding photos to come next month

Amber Moor

Sam and his team were great! They made us feel very comfortable and the videos are amazing. We couldn’t be happier! They have captured all of the key moments of our wedding day which we can now cherish forever. Sam was very easy to talk to and great at communicating leading up to the wedding. Thank you!

Kirsten Crooke

We have such a professional relationship with SAM productions and we appreciate his personal touch to all 4 of our companies. We highly recommend Sam and thank him for his efforts.

Todd McArthur

McArthurs Industries